The Solution for Better BI

Nectari is a robust business intelligence solution that covers all your reporting and data analysis needs from Day 1.

Serving as a central hub for all data sources, Nectari simplifies the process of accessing and collecting information, then turns that information into actionable insights for smarter business decisions.

The Universal CRM Data Model presented throughout this document demonstrates the power of having access to well over 30 KPIs that follow CRM reporting standards.

Whether you use the predefined dashboards and reports, or choose to easily create your own, Nectari ensures that you’re equipped with everything you need for analyzing your enterprise’s CRM activities, including leads, opportunities, campaigns and multi-campaigns.

With minimal set-up required, boosting your enterprise’s performance begins the day you make the decision to work more efficiently with Nectari’s streamlined process for accessing, gathering, consolidating, and organizing data.

Hit the ground running today with the financial information you need at your fingertips!

Available For


Opportunity Overview


The Opportunity Overview dashboard provides key information on the status of prospective clients.


VP of Sales

Sales Manager

Sales Rep


  • Show the overall picture of the quantity of opportunities versus those won and lost.
  • Breakdown by industry and filtering capabilities.
  • Top opportunity by expected revenue.
  • Geographical representation of the opportunities, showing the open, closed and won by color and their size by probability to close.
  • Won vs expected by closing date.
  • List of stages with current open opportunities.

Opportunity Pipeline


The Opportunity Pipeline dashboard displays a comprehensive overview of sales opportunities for the following three months, including a breakdown by industry type, quantities by stage, opportunities by closing date, and percentages to quickly identify top prospects.


VP of Sales

Sales Manager


  • Bubble exception for open opportunities by probability of closing and opportunity size.
  • Opportunity funnel with bottleneck by stage.
  • Opportunity breakdown by industry.
  • Top Opportunities by probability to close.
  • Opportunity by closing date.
  • Filtering by industries and stage.

Marketing Campaign


The Marketing Campaign dashboard gives actionable insights into the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. Establish how many leads were won and where, view key opportunities, and keep track of revenue to plan ahead.


VP of Sales

Sales Manager

Sales Rep


  • Overall picture of a specific campaign.
  • Geographical representation of the opportunities showing those open, closed and won by color and size by probability to close for a specific campaign.
  • Top 10 opportunities by expected revenue.
  • Show ratio for answers received, leads converted, lead to opportunity, opportunity won, amount vs expected and cost to budget.

Top 10 Campaigns


The Top 10 Campaigns dashboard provides an overview of the 10 most successful campaigns. It displays profitability, lead conversion, Campaign ROI and campaign status for each individual campaign.


VP of Sales

Sales Manager

Sales Rep


  • Lead to conversion count and ratio by campaign.
  • Opportunity conversion count and ratio of won versus total.
  • Opportunities won amount versus expected amount.
  • Campaign sales ROI, cost, won amount and return on expenses.
  • Overall status of the last 10 campaigns.

Key Performance Indicators



Opportunity Expected Revenue

Amount of money you expect to generate from the opportunities.

Opportunity Probability

Estimated chance to close the opportunity.

Won vs Expected

Ratio of the total amount of opportunity over the expected amount.

Won Amount / Expected Amount

Opportunity Amount

Total financial amount of all the opportunities.

Opportunity Won Amount

Total Amount for all the opportunities that are closed and won.

Opportunity Average Deal Size

Average opportunity deal size.

Expected Revenue / Count

Opportunity Count

Number of opportunities.

Opportunity Won %

Ratio of won opportunities over the total closed opportunities.

Won / (Won+Lost)

Opportunity Average Age

Average opportunity age.

Close Date - Open Date

Opportunities Won

Number of closed/won opportunities.

Opportunities Lost

Number of closed/lost opportunities.

Opportunity Lost %

Ratio of lost opportunities over the total closed opportunities.

Lost / (Won+Lost)


Opportunity Day to Close

Number of days before expected closing date.

Close date - Current Date




Lead Converted

Quantity of Leads converted to contacts.

Lead Count

Quantity of Leads that have or have not been converted.

% Converted

Rate of lead conversion.

Converted / Count



Number of Campaign Messages Sent

Number of emails sent to individuals targeted by the campaign.

Campaign Budgeted Cost

Amount of money budgeted for the campaign.

Campaign Answer Received %

The campaign response rate.

Answers / Sent

Number of Campaign Messages Received

Quantity of replies received from previously sent emails.

Campaign Answer Received %

The campaign response rate.

Answers / Sent

Campaign Lead to Opportunity

Opportunities generated by leads as a ratio.

Opportunity Count / Lead Count

Campaign Actual Cost

Actual amount of money spent to run the campaign.

Lead Converted %

Number of leads that were converted to accounts due to campaign marketing efforts.

Lead Converted / Lead Count

Campaign Cost to Budget

Ratio of actual cost to budgeted cost amount for a campaign.

Actual Cost / Budget Amount


Opportunities Count by Status

Quantity of opportunities that are still Open, Won or Lost.




Campaign Opportunity Conversion

Campaign opportunity conversion rate.

Campaign Sales ROI

Sales dollars generated by dollars of actual cost for campaign.

Campaign Won / Expected

Ratio of won amount to expected amount for a campaign.

Opportunity Won Amount / Campaign Expected Amount